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Audi MMI 3G MOST Audio Video Interface

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Add an Aux input to your Audi MMI system.


This interface is specifically designed to deliver CD quality sound to Audi vehicles with the MMI MOST fiber optic audio systems. It simply connects connects directly to the fiber optic connection on the MMI and then allows you to connect any audio device such mp3 player/MP4 player, iPod DVD etc though the Aux in connector. It can also be used in conjunction with our Audi MMI video interface for full integration of sound and audio.


Easy Installation, plug and play fiber optic connectors.


The new Aux input simply appears as an additional "CD" which can be selected via the MMI system: 


Compatible with new Audi 3G MMI models after 2009.


This product allows you to connect Audio and Video sources to the Audi MMI 3G. After installation you will have two AV In two Video In connections. You will be able to connect: DVD player, DVB-T, rear view camera, GPS, Playstation2 or Xbox, iPod. This product also provides AV Out for rear monitors.




Features as follows:

  • Now provides you with 2 AV inputs and 2 Video inputs
  • Output for rear seat monitors
  • Automatic detection of PAL/SECAM /NTSC and De-interlacing video signals
  • Connect your MP3 player, ipod or any audio device directly to your cars MMI fibre optic system for perfect digital quality sound
  • Plug and Play fibre optic connections. 
  • Retains existing CD changer.
  • Designed for the professional look, no cigarette lighter adapters, all wires hidden (interface in glove compartment)
  • Enclosed in a sleek aluminium housing.

Package Includes:

  • Audi MOST interface
  • Fibre Optic cable (in and out)
  • Wiring Loom





  • BATT/ACC range : 7V~25V
  • Power : 0.3A @12V
  • Video input : 0.7V~1V
  • Audio input : 0~5Vpp
  • Audio output : 4Vpp max.
  • Video input formats: NTSC
  • Video output of the AV output connector has the same format as the video input.
  • NAVI talkover : 0V~30V, trigger condition @>3V 3v >
  • CAMERA wire : 0V ~30V, Trigger condition @>3V 3v >


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