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Navigation / Multimedia Head Unit DYNAVIN for VW Polo - N6-PL6C

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Compatible with the following makes VW and these models:

If in doubt whether the product is compatible with your car, please contact us!
√ VOLKSWAGEN Polo 6C 2014>
DYNAVIN double din head units are of the highest quality available. They are unique in their very high integration with vehicle's original electronic equipment. More capable than the factory unit but of similar quality. This product represents a multimedia and navigation system extremely rich in functions and capabilities.
√ Full dual way CAN BUS integration.
√ Compatible with the factory Harman-Kardon or BOSE amplifiers (optional).
√ Built in 4 GB of flash memory.
√ Dynavin N6 operation system.
√ Capacitive multi-touch screen with 800x480 pixels resolution.
√ Latest model GPS chipset.
√ 24 bit DSP for better sound quality.
√ Dual radio tuner for crystal clear reception.
√ Multiple language support
√ Bluetooth
√ Rear view camera
√ Steering wheel control
√ HD Screen
√ Digital TV - DVB-T MPEG2/MPEG4 tuner (optional)
√ SD Card
√ iPod

√ Double Din Navigation with full CANBUS and MOST optical integration

Double Din Navigation with full CANBUS and MOST optical integration by Dynavin

Capacitive, multi-touch sensitive screen

Optional Wi-Fi and possible 3G / 4G internet access

1080P HD video with hardware acceleration from DVD, SD, USB

High resolution screen with intence colours

Built in GPS navigation with maps

Built in Bluetooth for phone conversations, music and others

Built in 4 GB of flash memory, expandable through an SD card

High quality radio tuner with RDS functionality

24 bit Sound Processor - DSP

DVB-T MPEG-4 TV tuner (optional)

Inteligent parinkig system (IPAS) with rear view camera

Intelligent power off and restart function

This product is based on the new platform by Dynavin - N6 or DynOS. Manufactured with selected high quality components for maximum stability and longevity. The N6-PL6C navigation has all necessary functions as well as some features that you will not be able to find in other similar devices. Unique on the market for its ability to be installed in cars with high level of factory equipment and optical amplifiers without any modifications to the vehicle.

√ Full CAN BUS and MOST integration

Full CAN BUS and MOST integration

The most distinctive characteristic of this product is its full CAN BUS and MOST integration with the vehicles electronics including:
1. Steering wheel remote control integration
2. Multifunctional display (MFD+) integration
3. Onboard clock Synchronization function integration
4. Virtual parking track line integration
5. Support MOST solution for OEM DSP sound system(Harman Kardon)

√ DynOS / Dynavin N6 operating system

DynOS is the exclusive new operating system developed by Dynavin electronic HK Ltd. Designed from the ground up as an in-car multimedia entertainment system, every effort has been made to optimize the system for the mobile environment.
With the DynOS In-car multimedia player its easy to find your favorite songs. Audio files can be sorted by artist, album, song, or folder. A quick-search onscreen keyboard makes jumping to different places in your music collection easy. Thanks to USB 2.0, everything is quick. Scrolling through your playlists and music collection on the touchscreen is as smooth and easy as on a mobile phone.
Running an advanced audio DSP, DynOS enables you to perfectly adjust the audio multiple ways with an adjustable EQ, individual channel delay settings (time alignment), and independent source volume controls.
In dash integration is better than ever with screen brightness controls that can be manually set, controlled by the headlight settings, or automatically dimmed via an ambient light sensor. Various other advanced vehicle integration features are also available depending on the specific vehicle application.
In addition, DynOS makes updating easy. Software updates, improved features, etc... are easily loaded into the unit allowing you to keep your unit up to date and allowing Dynavin to make improvements and add features over time.

√ GPS Receiver and Navigation

GPS Receiver and Navigation

The navigation head unit is equipped with high quality GPS module for quick and accurate positioning. One of the best offline navigation softwares iGO Primo is provided. You can configure the software any way you want or use other navigation programs.

3D High-Definition navigation
SD card based navigation system
Premium P.O.I. bundle with over 6.5 million destinations
Realistic 3D rendering of terrains and landmarks, Tunnel-View, 3D Auto-Zoom for crossings and roundabouts, Real Junction View
Smart Route Planning, Calculation of Real-Time Route Alternatives, Parking Around Algorithm, Detour Hint function etc.
TMC receiver for free TMC data services

√ 24 bit Digital Sound Processor - DSP

24 bit Digital Sound Processor - DSP

Dynavin N6 head units use high-resolution Burr Brown 24-Bit Digital to Analogue conversion allowing for clean, accurate, stunning sound reproduction.
High powered 4 Volt Preamp Outputs ensures ultra clean signal transmission from the Dynavin to aftermarket amplifiers. When properly gain matched these high voltage RCAs virtually eliminate noise and distortion, even at high volume levels.

Sound Tuning:
Subwoofer Level Adjustment
Dyna-Bass level adjustment
Bass Level Adjustment
Bass Centre Frequency Adjustment
Bass Bandwidth Adjustment
Treble Level Adjustment
Treble Centre Frequency Adjustment
Source Tone Memory
Time Correction Adjustment
Equalizer: 5-Band Parametric Equalizer Feature

√ Parrot Bluetooth with A2DP

Parrot Bluetooth with A2DP

This multimedia double din player also comes with built in Parrot Bluetooth module for hands free phone calls or playing music through A2DP protocol. The hands free bluetooth functionality ensures safe driving allowing you to to transfer your phonebook and manage calls from the touch sensitive screen or steering wheel buttons. There is a built in microphone as well as an external one in the kit.

Built-In Parrot Bluetooth Module with Hands Free Calling and A2DP Music Streaming
Phone Book Transfer
Phone Book Search: Alphabet Search
Eight Quick Dial Key Memory Function
Wired External Microphone Included
Redial Function
Display Call History

√ Dual radio tuner with RDS and DSP

Dual radio tuner with RDS and DSP

The radio tuner inside this navigation is from a new generation and highly sensitive for less interferences and more available stations.
The Dynavin uses an FM phase diversity circuit, processing the signals of the dual antennas built into the vehicle. DSP algorithms create a noise and distortion free FM signal by merging both radio signals into a single new audio stream. Allowing for optimal radio reception even under the most challenging conditions.

Dual Radio Tuner:
15 FM and 15 MW Presets
Memory: Auto Memory
Seek Mode: Local / DX Selection / Manual

√ Digital TV tuner with DVB-T MPEG-4

Digital TV tuner with DVB-T MPEG-4

Digital TV-Tuner (DVB-T) is an optional extra which will allow you to view free-to-air digital television channels on your Dynavin N6 unit. You can watch your favorite TV shows on the double din screen. The Official Dynavin branded DVB-T (MPEG4) tuner allows you to control the TV features through the touch screen. There are two active antennas coming with the DVB-T tuner. This option is completely separate and can be added any time after installing the head unit. It is available in our store.

√ Multimedia capabilities and built in 4 GB memory

Multimedia capabilities and built in 4 GB memory

This head unit comes with all possible multimedia functions that you can wish for in a car navigation. You can watch video files, play DVD movies or listen music from any of the many available sources. Most video formats are supported with 1080p quality. Supported are AVI, MPEG4, MP3, WMA and many other video and audio formats. This device comes with two USB inputs (one for multimedia and one for 3G/4G modem or WiFi adapter) and two SD card slots (one for GPS navigation software and one for multimedia). This double din can also read DVD and CD discs. Also it is possible to rip them on the 4 GB built in memory. There is an AUX input, iPod cable connection is possible, AV output for the rear seats LCD monitors and many others.

Connection for iPod:
Made for iPod/iPhone
USB Connection
Compatibility with iPod / iPhone / iPad with 30Pin or lightning connector
M.I.X. (Shuffle) Capability: Song, Albums, All
Music Control: Song Up/Down, Fast Forward/Backward, Repeat
Available Selections: Playlist, Artist, Album, Song, Podcast, Genre, Composer, Audiobook
Alphabet Search Function
Information Display: Album Art, Song (Title, Album)
Direct iPod/iPhone Control Function

Disc Player:
DVD/CD Player
Disc Playback Type: DVD Video, DVD Audio (2ch mix down), CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+-R/+-RW, DVD-VR
Compressed Media Playback: MPEG/ AVI /RM/ FLV/ ASF/ WMV/ MP4/ MKV/ OGM/ DivX/ MP3/ WMA/ AAC Playback
Sensor: Music Sensor Scan, Repeat
Playback Control: Play/Pause, Fast Forward/Backward
DVD Direct Menu Control
M.I.X. Mode: One (Folder) / All (Random Play) / Random (CD Only)

USB / SD Media Connection:
USB Connection (USB Cable Included)
Cover Art Display
Music Playback: MP3/AAC/WMA Playback
USB Class: Mass Storage, Play from device
Available Selections: Playlist, Artist, Album, Song, Podcast, Genre, Composer, Audiobook
Alphabet Search Function
Information Display: Album Art, Song (Title, Album)

√ Rear View Camera

Rear View Camera

This navigation console allows you to connect a rear view camera. It will be automatically activated when you engage reverse gear and the picture will appear on the double din screen. Rear view cameras are sold separately and are not part of the kit. We have special cameras for most car models. If your car has a factory parking system installed it will continue to work. In cars with intelligent IPAS system controlled through CAN BUS it will continue to work and will be displayed on the head unit screen. Unique feature of Dynavin navigations are the dynamic parking lines available in certain cars.
*Images are indicative.

√ Steering wheel control and CAN BUS

Steering wheel control and CAN BUS

You can control this Android navigation through the factory steering wheel buttons. In different cars the double din unit can connect to the car electronics with either a CAN BUS decoder module or with resistive control and manual programing. In many of the latest car models the CAN BUS communication will allow showing on the screen functions like the factory: climate control, parktronic or IPAS system and others. When necessary you can set the factory clock from the head unit or monitor the fuel consumption. Adjusting the trip computer or other functions of the original radio. It all depends on the specific car and its original equipment.
*Images are indicative.

√ Specification

Screen size 7 inch - 17.8 cm.
Resolution 800 x 480 pixels
Screen characteristics Colour
Multi touch
Processor -
CPU Frequency -
Processing cores -
GPS receiver channels -
Built in flash memory 4 GB
Memory card slot Yes, microSD card slot
Voice navigation Yes, speaks with the selected navigation language: Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and many others.
GUI menu language English, French, German, Russian and many others.
GPS Maps and software
Installed maps Yes
Built in POI Yes, in all detailed maps for: hotels, restaurants, airports, gas stations, sights and many others.
Possibility to install additional GPS maps Yes, any maps or software you choose
Automatic route calculation Yes
Route selection Yes, quick, short and others
Police speed cameras locations Yes, preloaded in most navigation programs
Equipment and options
Available equipment and options GPS
Dual zone function
Steering wheel controls
AM/FM radio tuner
Rear view camera input
Rear LCD screens support
And many others.
Warranty 12 months
Colour Identical with the original radio. Most often Black and for some models can be Silver or Gray.
OS DynOS / Dynavin N6
The kit includes One piece double din.
Power cable/s.
Audio/Video input and output cables.
GPS Antenna.
MicroSD card.
USB cable.
CAN BUS decoder box.
Radio antenna adapter.
User manual.
And others.

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