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Navigation / Multimedia Head unit for Hyundai Santa Fe, Elantra - DD-8268

Weight:    5.00 kg
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Compatible with the following makes HYUNDAI and these models:

If in doubt whether the product is compatible with your car, please contact us!
√ HYUNDAI Elantra
√ HYUNDAI Santa Fe (2004-2009)
This product represents a multimedia and navigation system extremely rich in functions and capatibilities.

√ Operating system Windows CE
√ 800 GHz Dual core processor.
√ RAM 256 MB DDR3.
√ Capacitive multi-touch screen with 800x480 pixels resolution.
√ Optional Wi-Fi and 3G module.
√ Latest model GPS chipset.
√ Can-Bus comunication.
√ DSP for better sound quality.
√ Multiple language support
√ Bluetooth
√ Rear view camera
√ Steering wheel control
√ HD Screen
√ Internet
√ SD Card
√ iPod

√ Graphical User Interface of the double din navigation

Graphical User Interface of the double din navigation

Built in Wi-Fi and possible 3G / 4G internet access

1080P HD video with hardware acceleration from DVD, SD, USB

High resolution screen 1024х600 with intence colours

Built in GPS navigation with maps

Built in Bluetooth for phone conversations, music and others

Video registration DVR function (optional)

High quality radio tuner with RDS functionality

3D Stereophonic Sound Processor - DSP

Inteligent parinkig system (IPAS) with rear view camera

Share your smart phone screen with Miracast and Airplay

Contemporary budget type double din navigation system. Modern dual core CPU and DDR III operational memory. Extremely fast and easy to use GUI, navigation software or internet. Maximum functionality - this double din has every possible function for this kind of product.

√ Mirrorlink sharing

Mirrorlink sharing

Lately the Mirrorlink function gets more and more popular in car head units. This amazing feature allows you to mirror your smartphone screen on the double din big screen in the car. It works via USB connection in this model. You can share any content you want including pictures, videos, music, navigation software and other applications.

√ Shortcuts - quick access to your favorite functions

Shortcuts - quick access to your favorite functions

This double din comes with a Shortcut function allowing for quick access to your favorite options, like: SD, USB, RADIO, GPS, DVD and others. This makes it easy and comfortable for daily use. The simplified graphic interface makes it possible to quickly switch between Navigation, Bluetooth, Radio, DVD and s.n.

√ Capacitive LCD HD TFT touch sensitive screen

Capacitive LCD HD TFT touch sensitive screen

High quality LCD TFT touch screen with high resolution. High contrast and intense colours. Wide viewing angle. Faster and more sensitive than resistive touch screens on the market.

√ 1080p video support

1080p video support

The double din navigation unit supports 1080p video standart. This ensured beautiful picture and high quality sound. You can watch it from any source like: HDD, USB flash drives, SD cards, DVDs and others.

√ Optional Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G internet access

Optional Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G internet access

This double din unit can connect to the internet. The navigation headunit can use optional USB Wi-Fi module or 3G / 4G modem. This will allow you to browse web pages, access your e-mail and social network accounts, as well as many others.

√ Digital Sound Processor - DSP

Digital Sound Processor - DSP

This double din navigation comes equipped with DSP - Digital Sound Processor for a very wide range of settings, cristal clear sound and strong bass. There is a powerful 4 channel amplifier and subwoofer connection from the preamp.

√ Radio receiver with RDS

Radio receiver with RDS

This double din head unit comes with built in high quality AM/FM radio receiver supporting RDS. The radio tuner inside this navigation is from a new generation and highly sensitive for less interferences and more available stations.

√ Multimedia capabilities

Multimedia capabilities

This head unit comes with all possible multimedia functions that you can wish for in a car navigation. You can watch video files, play DVD movies or listen music from any of the many available sources. Most video formats are supported with 1080p quality. Supported are AVI, MPEG4, MP3, WMA and many other video and audio formats. This device comes with two USB inputs (one for multimedia and one for 3G/4G modem) and two SD card slots (one for GPS navigation software and one for multimedia). This double din can also read DVD and CD discs. There is an AUX input, iPod cable connection is possible, AV output for the rear seats LCD monitors and many others.

√ Supports 32GB media carriers

Supports 32GB media carriers

32GB media carriers like USB flash drives and SD cards are supported by the double din. This allows you to take all the music, movies and pictures you want for your long trips.

√ Bluetooth with A2DP

Bluetooth with A2DP

This multimedia double din player also comes with built in Bluetooth module for hands free phone calls or playing music through A2DP protocol. The hands free bluetooth functionality ensures safe driving allowing you to to transfer your phonebook and manage calls from the touch sensitive screen or steering wheel buttons. There is a built in microphone as well as an external one in the kit.

√ GPS Receiver and Navigation

GPS Receiver and Navigation

The navigation head unit is equipped with high quality GPS module for quick and accurate positioning. One of the best offline navigation softwares will be supplied with the unit including maps for test only. You can configure the software any way you want or use any other navigation program.

√ iPod Ready

iPod Ready

This double din navigation comes equipped with an iPod cable. Using it you can connect your iPod/iPhone and enjoy your favorite music. Supported are iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone 4/4s or newer with adapter.

√ Choose your background theme

Choose your background theme

In the double din you can change the background image with one of the 12 built in options or upload your own wallpaper.

√ Steering wheel control and CAN BUS

Steering wheel control and CAN BUS

You can control this double din navigation through the factory steering wheel buttons. In different cars the double din unit can connect to the car electronics with either a CAN BUS decoder module or with resistive control and manual programing. When necessary you can set the factory clock from the head unit or monitor fuel consumption. Adjusting the trip computer or other functions of the original radio. It all depends on the specific car and its original equipment.

√ Rear View Camera

Rear View Camera

This navigation console allows you to connect a rear view camera. It will be automatically activated when you engage reverse gear and the picture will appear on the double din screen. Rear view cameras are sold separately and are not part of the kit. We have special cameras for most car models. If your car has a factory parking system installed it will continue to work.

√ Digital Video Registrar - DVR Camera

Digital Video Registrar - DVR Camera

Car DVR - this very popular lately additional equipment is frequently installed due to its unique features. The Digital Video Registrar is a camera recording everything that happens in front of the car while you are driving. This DVR unit is specially designed for your navigation console. It can be controlled from the head unit. You can watch and control the recording, also minimize it if necessary while using other functions. The DVR camera is not included in the kit and is bought separately.

√ Vehicle diagnostics through OBD II

Vehicle diagnostics with Torque Pro through OBD II

The combination of built in ODB II diagnostics functionality and the optional OBD II adapter allows this product to perform real time diagnostics of your car. After connecting a separately sold OBD II adapter you can check error codes, monitor ECU sensors information in real time and many others. This turns the double din head unit in a priceless tool for diagnosing your car.

√ Button Illumination

Button Illumination

This navigation allows you to choose between the 7 built in button illumination colours available. That way the chosen colour can be identical with the dashboard illumination and the other buttons in the car. Some models have only 1 to 3 different colours.

√ TPMS function to monitor tyre pressures

TPMS function to monitor tyre pressures

After installing special sensors for tyre pressure monitoring on the wheels this double din head unit will show each individual tyre pressure on the screen. The navigation will inform if there is a tyre pressure loss or puncture to ensure safe driving.

√ Equipment and Accessories

Equipment and Accessories

This is a very well equipped product. All necessary cables for installation and connection with the different accessories are included - AV in/out, iPod, USB, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, DVR, rear view camera. Also in the kit are remote control, external microphone and others if necessary for the specific car. If you wonder about the possibility to connect other products, please do not hesitate to ask us.

√ Specification

Screen size 6.2 inch 
Resolution 800 x 480 pixels
Screen characteristics Colour
Processor MTK 3360
CPU Frequency 800 MHz
Processing cores Dual core
GPS receiver channels 66 channels
RAM 256 MB
Expandable memory 32 GB
Memory card slot Yes, microSD card slot
Voice navigation Yes, speaks with the selected navigation language: Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and many others. GPS software configurable.
GUI menu language English, French, German and many others.
GPS Maps and software
Installed maps Yes (for test only)
Built in POI Yes, in all detailed maps for: hotels, restaurants, airports, gas stations, sights and many others.
Possibility to install additional GPS maps Yes, any maps or software you choose
Automatic route calculation Yes
Route selection Yes, quick, short and others
Police speed cameras locations Yes, preloaded in most navigation programs
Equipment and options
Available equipment and options GPS
Dual zone function
Steering wheel controls
AM/FM radio tuner
Rear view camera input
Rear LCD screens support
And many others.
Warranty 12 months
Colour Identical with the original radio. Most often Black and for some models can be Silver or Gray.
The kit includes One piece double din.
Power cable/s.
Audio/Video input and output cables.
GPS Antenna.
MicroSD card.
USB cable.
CAN BUS decoder box.
Radio antenna adapter.
User manual.
Remote control
And others.

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