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Super HID Slim Xenon Conversion Kit HB3 / 9005

Weight:    2.00 kg
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  • E4 and CE certificate
  • 1 year full warranty for all components including bulbs



  • Power: 35W
  • Lumination: ~ 3,200lm 
  • Lifespan: 3000hours 
  • Operating ambient temperature range: -40 degree~ +105 degree 
  • Color temperature: 4,300K-12000k 
  • Voltage: 85V ± 17V 
  • Wiring: high temperature-resistant, high voltage-resistant 
  • Cover: crystal glass tube of UV-CAT anti-ultraviolet 
  • Input voltage range: 9-16V
  • Rated voltage: 13.2V
  • Startup current: 6.0-6.5A
  • Normal input current: 3.2A
  • Max. Start voltage: 23KV
  • Output power: 35W


Kit contains:

  • 2 pcs ballast
  • 2 pcs bulbs
  • brackets
  • mounting elements
  • installation instructions
  • warranty card


HB3 / 9005 Super HID Slim HID conversion kit rated at 35W. This will give 300% more light than a standard halogen and comes with ultra slim ballasts ideal for small cars and those space restricted applications.

This is the all new Super HID SLIM Xenon lighting kit for HB3 / 9005 bulbs.
These new super thin ballasts are great when space is a major premium. Commonly used on modern engines that seem to fill up most of the engine bay! The Super HID Slim ballasts are of course Digital, which improves reliability and reduces the problems associated with the older non-digital type ballasts. They are also fitted with a separate starter attached to the ballast
This slim ballast has been fully tested by us to be reliable and easy to use. They will convert your standard HB3 / 9005 halogen headlights to the ever popular super bright HID Xenon light system. As we are always dedicated to bringing you only the highest quality, we can offer a 1 year warranty with the kits. 
We have been selling HID kits for many years and we refuse to compromise on quality. Our kits have the lowest failure of any we know of with less then 1%. Our bulbs, whilst more expensive, produce more lumens and out last other cheaper bulbs.
As these ballasts are at the higher quality end, the Super HID SLIM ballast produces more light than other HID conversion kits and are even brighter than the factory fit Xenon headlights. Over 300% more light than your existing HB3 / 9005 halogen bulbs.
This kit boasts top quality steel waterproof ballast, high quality purpose made bulbs with metal or ceramic bulb holders that are designed to produce perfect beam patterns and focus just like the halogens. The included HB3 / 9005 headlight bulbs have been UV cut to prevent damage to plastic lenses.
This kit is ideal for most cars even with bulb failure alarms.


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