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ViseeOViseeO Bluetooth hands free car kit VK-E2

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Introducing VK-E1 and E2, two of world¡¦s easiest to use Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kits from ViseeO. VK-E1 and E2 continues the elegant and simplified design of CK series car kit with essential functions to bring you a quality Bluetooth communication device that works perfectly with your car.  
VK-E1 and E2 both have incorporated the latest Bluetooth chipset to bring you fast connection, better compatibility and specially designed media keypads for music playing together with advanced noise and sound distortion reduction technology. 
While E1 inherited CK250¡¦s wired remote control design with added features such as key backlight and upgrade port, E2 wired remote control is completely redesigned.  After a careful study and tried numerous of designs and our designer has come up with the stylish wired remote control painted in shiny black piano paint finish. Therefore, both remote control are not only easy to operate but also cool to use.  
VK-E1 and E2 have adopted the popular Bluetooth 2.0 technology and enables user to multiple pair up to 4 handsets. Once paired user¡¦s phone will automatically reconnect with VK-E1 or E2 every time user enter the car and starts the engine. 
Both VK-E1 and E2¡¦s wired remote control is design with minimum complication. The 4-button design allows driver to all the necessary function easily. E2 has one of the most stylish look and the friendliest user interface for a Bluetooth handsfree car kit.  
The color keypad backlight enables users to operate VK-E1 and E2 at night without any difficulty. 
The voice dial activation is another useful feature that allows user to dial out by saying the name stored in the phone. Moreover, VK-E1 and E2 supports last number redial call hold and call waiting, and more.  
New phones are introduced every quarterly and user can easily keep their VK-E1 and E2 up-to-date to be compatible with these phones by upgrading the Bluetooth firmware. VK-E1 and E2 provide a simple way of upgrade. Simply use a Mini USB to USB cable with ViseeO upgrade platform software to upgrade VK-E1 and E2.  
VK-E1 and E2¡¦s accessory ISO cable allows car kit to be connected to the radio speakers. In operation VK-E1 and E2 will automatically mute radio when dialing out or receiving call and un-mute the radio when finish.  
Key Specifications/Special Features:
1.            Bluetooth 2.0 Compliance (Downward Compatible with 1.1/1.2).
2.            Class 2, operating range up to 10 meters.
3.            Keypad backlight to help user identify the button at night.
4.            Supports HS, HF profiles.
5.            Supports pairing up to 4 Bluetooth mobile phones.
6.            Easy to use 4-button wired remote control design ideal for making and receiving calls and operating the car kit.
7.            Full duplex and two-way voice recognition. Excellent voice quality enabled by cutting-edge noise suppression and echo cancellation mechanism.
8.            Supports call waiting and call hold functions.
9.            Supports voice dialing and voice command embedded in the handset (both speaker independent and dependent methods) with one button.
10.         Easy to upgrade the BT firmware via standard USB port.
11.         Operating on 12/24v vehicles.
12.         3.5 mm Line-out connector for external speaker, and optional ear piece for voice privacy.
13.         Sun-visor mounted directional microphone
14.         Easy to be mounted on the dashboard with standard stand or can be mounted on windscreen with optional suction cup.

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