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ViseeOViseeO MB-4 Bluetooth Hands free car kit for Mercedes after 2004

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ViseeO MB-4 - The very latest Factory-style phone integration for Mercedes-Benz vehicles with the UHI telephone Pre-Wiring
The Viseeo MB-4 replaces the MB-2, and has many new software and hardware improvements. The MB-4 is now powered by a Bluetooth module from Parrot, the industry leader in Bluetooth technology. The MB-4 also features a clever multiple pairing mode, which allows up to 4 phones to be paired at the same time. You can easily switch between which phone to use with the car kit by the press of a single button. The MB-4 also features USB charging which will allow you to charge any mobile phone via a USB charger.
Once paired, your phone will automatically connect everytime you turn the ignition on. The MB-4 is capable of pairing with up to 4 different mobile phones. When a phone is connected and in use the MB-4 will mute the radio system and the conversation will be conducted through the cars existing speakers and microphone.
Like its predecessor, the MB-2 Bluetooth upgrade adaptor, MB-4 is free installation device. Simply plug MB-4 into the UHI connector located under the front armrest and you are ready to make a call via Bluetooth. MB-4 will automatically upload phonebooks from your mobile phone into Mercedes Comand console. You can dial out or receive a call simply by pressing the buttons on the Comand console or the multi-function steering wheel.
 Premium functions
The MB-4 uses the new CK5050+ Bluetooth module supplied from Parrot, a leading Bluetooth handsfree company based in France. This particular module will equip the MB-4 with extremely fast phonebook sync performance, excellent phone compatibility and brilliant sound quality.
The MB-4 has also added a Bright OLED Screen like its premium brother MB-3 that not only allows us to design a simpler user interface for a smooth operation but also allows us to add more features to it.
The MB-4 comes with a 5V Charging Port  that enables you to charge the battery of your phone or iPod or any other devices that can be charged via a computer USB port.
With the MB-4 you can now pair up to 4 phones and each holds up to 1000 address book entries and total up to 4000 entries.
Brand new features with totally new experiences for the MB-4
Quick Switch for Paired Phones is a new feature which allows an instant switch to connect other paired phone simply with one click of a button. You can tell which phone is in connection from the Comand console screen.
SYNC Now Button is a short-cut command that allows you to sync phone’s contact at anytime with one press of a button.
Bluetooth PIN Selection let you select a default pass code for pairing with MB-4. This function is particularly useful for phones that run Android 2.3.1 such as Samsung Galaxy S2 which requires PIN to be set to 0000 in order to get connected with a Bluetooth device.
Keypad Control is another innovative feature that enables you to control some of MB-4 functions using the Mercedes console keypads instead of having to open the front armrest compartment and pressing the actual button on MB-4. The current available command that can be controlled from the console buttons is the Quick Switch for Paired Phone and the SYNC Now features.
Activate Siri Assistant for iPhone users from the Mercedes Keypad - use to send messages, check emails, and much more!
What do I need to use the ViseeO MB-4 in my Mercedes?
The ViseeO MB-4 is designed to work in all Mercedes vehicles with the UHI (or MHI) connector. You must have this connector in order to use the MB-4 . The UHI connector is generally found in cars made 2005 onwards, however can be found in earlier cars. The MB-4 simply clips onto the UHI connector in your car and you are ready to go. The UHI connector can be found in the centre arm rest of your car.
Sometimes the UHI connector may be under a black plastic cap, or it may have a detachable phone cradle from Mercedes connected to it. Once this has been unclipped, the MB-4 will plug straight into the UHI connector.

View telephone information on the display in the instrument cluster on compatible vehicles! Info such as incoming call, phonebook and last dialled numbers can all be displayed.




The ViseeO MB-4 fully integrates with the factory fitted steering wheel controls (if present). Answer/reject calls, navigate the phonebook, make phones calls and adjust the call volume all from the convenience of the buttons on the steering wheel



  ViseeO MB-4 Hardware Specification:

  • Bright OLED display
  • Powered by extremely powerful CK5050+ Bluetooth Module
  • Bluetooth 2.1 (Downwards compatible with 2.0/1.X version) + EDR
  • Multiple pairing up to 4 phone devices
  • HSP (Handsfree Profile)
  • Super fast phone synchronization
  • OPP (Object Push Profile) for manually upload a phonebook
  • Display 1000 or 650 phonebook entries (in alphabetical order)depending on your console (each MB-3 can receive up to 2000 entries per upload however console can only display a limited number of them)
  • Digital signal processing for noise reduction and echo cancellation
  • SBC decoder/encoder for Audio Connectivity via Bluetooth
  • Microphone volume adjuster
  • 5V phone charging port compatible with most electronic devices that can be charge via USB port.
  • Multiple language platform including English, Spanish, French,German, Italian, Dutch, and Norwegian (Not yet available)
  • Bluetooth Firmware upgradeable via Bluetooth
  • Operating software upgradeable via upgrade cable (included)


Whats in the box?

  • MB-4 Bluetooth Adapter
  • USB to Mini USB Cable
  • ViseeO USB Update Cable
  • User Manual

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