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XCarLinkXcarLink iPOD/iPHONE, USB, SD, MP3, AUX NEW All in one Interface for Renault

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The Xcarlink all in one interface combines all of the features of our iPod/iPhone and USB/SD interface into one. This gives you the flexibility to connect and control any audio device whether it be your iPod/iPhone or an entire music library on a USB/SD card. You can also use the controls on your factory radio or navigation to switch between the devices. This interface is ideal if you have an iPod or iPhone but you do not have all of your music on it and allows all users of the car with different devices to take advantage of the interface.

Just like our iPod/iPhone and USB/SD interfaces, the USB/SD/iPod all in one interface emulates a CD changer. Simply connect the interface to the CD changer port on the back of your radio and connect your iPod, iPhone, USB stick or SD card to your factory car stereo system without any loss of sound quality!!  


- Integrate an iPod/iPhone, SD card, USB flash drive and AUX using a single interface

- Easily switch between all sources using the factory radio/navigation system

- Direct digital connection to the head unit involving no FM modulation and no loss of sound quality

- Will play when connected and pause when ignition/power is switched off

- Remembers the position of each source automatically

- No batteries required

- Plug & Play installation - simply connects to the CD changer port 

- Professional look as all wires are hidden and no cigarette lighter adapters required

- 3.5mm AUX input for connecting any audio device such as sat nav audio or an MP3 player etc

- Optional Bluetooth module available to provide a hands free car kit solution with A2DP technology for wireless music streaming

USB and SD Card

- Connect a USB flash drive or SD card with audio files 

- Set up folders as playlists or albums and select them through your car stereo and steering wheel controls

- Supports SD and large capacity SDHC cards

- Control the music via the radio or steering wheel buttons

- WMA and MP3 file support

iPod and iPhone

- iPod and iPhone control via the radio or steering wheel buttons ie. change track, fast forward, rewind, volume etc

- Select playlists through your car stereo or steering wheel buttons

- Retain full functionality of the iPod or iPhone when connected (including click wheel)

- Play audio from every app including Spotify, Internet radio, navigation software etc

- Charges all the latest iPods and iPhones (5v charging) including the iPhone 4/4S and all versions of the iPad. 



The interface connects to the CD changer port located on the back of your car stereo. On some cars, this can be reached from the passenger side whilst on others, you will need to remove the radio. Instructions how to remove your radio to access the CD changer port can be found through many online resources, car manuals or by a local installer.


Package Includes:

- Xcarlink iPod/USB/SD interface

- CD changer connection

- User Guide


Optional Accessories:

- Bluetooth A2DP Module - Xcarlink now features a connection for an optional Bluetooth Module. This enables it to be used as a hands free car kit system. Simply pair it with any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone and it will allow you to make or receive calls through your car stereo speakers. Also features a microphone for added convenience and optimum sound quality. Music playing from the interface will automatically pause when a call is made or received, then resume once the call has ended. In addition, the Bluetooth module allows you to wirelessly stream music from your Bluetooth enabled device to your car stereo.

- iPod/iPhone/iPad dock connection cable

Your audio system may not be present on the pictures!

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